hooks – “Embracing Change: Teaching in a Multicultural World”

hooks, bell. “Embracing Change: Teaching in a Multicultural World.” Teaching to Trangress: Education as the Practice of Freedom. New York: Routlege, 1994. 35-44. Print.

This essay addresses the need for adopt democratic  teaching practices compatible with multiculturalism as well as the fears and challenges that teachers and students face in the multicultural classroom. In such a democratic setting, hooks states that it is the goal of transformative pedagogy to give students and faculty a sense of responsibility to contribute to learning (39).

While hooks says there is more tension in diverse classroom settings where critical pedagogy is practiced, there is also more opportunity for community building and freedom to “talk–and talk back” (42):

When we, as educators allow our pedagogy to be radically changed by our recognition of a multicultural world… we can teach in ways that transform consciousness, creating a climate of free expression that is the essence of a truly liberatory liberal arts education (44).


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